#2. The Discussion to Start All Discussions

Since I’ve decided that this is going to be my preferred medium to truly wrestle through many of the discussions that I find myself drawn to, I see no reason that I should not start with a question that has been plaguing me for quite some time. Is kickball better than wiffle ball?

As I sat down to write this entry, all the pros and cons began swirling through my mind, but as my fingers began to type, I was faced with one unequivocal and undeniable truth… Kickball permisses and dare I say encourages you to pummel another human being with a one pound inflated rubber ball.

Winner: Kickball

Agree or disagree?



#1. Prompted to Parody

Just as many others over the last few weeks have been caught up in the controversy surrounding Rob Bell and his new book Love Wins, I too have been intrigued by reviews coming from both sides of the proverbial isle. While, admittedly, I land somewhere nearer the Reformed camp, I have close friends who would side with the Emergents, and I am able to see the good that they bring to the Church and know from experience their deep affection and desire for the things of Christ. I see this debate as nothing but good for the Christian faith. Just as Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code┬áignited a firestorm several years ago, so too has this discussion brought Jesus Christ to the forefront of the collective public mind, if only for a short time. I believe any opportunity that we have to dialogue and engage with both believers and unbelievers about Truth and eternity is a good thing. This has certainly stirred up a desire in myself to wrestle through and truly examine the theology and doctrines that I’ve been taught.

About a week ago, after reading Kevin DeYoung’s substantial and lengthy post-release book review (http://bit.ly/hwFmtE), I was inspired by his phrase “Bell’s Hell”. Whether this inspiration was divine may depend what side of the fence you are on. I wrote the following in about 10 minutes at the end of my lunch break. After some minor editing, I believe it is close to final draft. I hope this can be enjoyed for its punery and not taken too seriously, although there might be some truth to be found in there somewhere.