#108. L’eggo My Ego

 Long time no see. You may notice a slightly different feel to the blog. I was recently forced to move all of my content here to WordPress.com when Posterous.com closed down on April 30th. The web address hasn’t been updated yet, but I may work on it this weekend.

Anyway, I came across a tweet today that linked to a fascinating article including satellite time-lapse videos over the past 30 years. Here is the link followed by my somewhat aggressive thoughts. What are yours?

Human Impact Article

I love the ego of human beings to think we have such a massive impact. If you’re not a bible thumper and believe in evolution, then by extension you believe that the earth has transitioned through ice ages and warm ages quite successfully time and time again for millions of years. You should logically and rightly conclude that humans are a small and insignificant part of that.

I contend “Environmentalists” who have worked themselves into frenzy over the microscopic sampling over the past 50 years are not at all concerned about the planet’s well being. The planet has shown more than capable of taking care of itself. “Environmentalists” are more correctly concerned with self-preservation & maintaining, or more accurately manipulating, the status quo, which we are slowly beginning to realize we have no real power to do. We cannot reverse or even slow the effects of “global warming”, because we likely had little if any role in this particular occurrence of it.

If you are a Bible thumper, which I wish I was worthy of being called and actually aspire to, I might suggest we do a better job of stewarding what God has entrusted to us. Trashing the planet regardless of its ability to sustain and repair itself is a poor biblical view of what God has given. Oddly enough it seems like both sides might be on the wrong side of the argument.

Perhaps this could be a great lesson in humility for everyone. For everyone: our fleeting insignificance in respect to time and the universe. For the believer: our simultaneous infinite worth, because of God’s great love and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Your thoughts?


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