#104. A Perfect Day


Yesterday was a perfect day. March always brings with it madness and spring break. But since my wife is a teacher, I took the day off to spend with her and help kick-start the later. We slept in, and after finding gnats and maggots in the airtight flour containers, ran to the store to buy supplies to make brunch at home. It was delicious. The weather was absolutely fabulous here in north Texas, 80 degrees and sunny, so we decided outdoor activities were a must. We took a bike ride that lasted a couple hours. Then we took our loyal canine companion, Murphy, for a walk. We stopped by Sonic and spent time at the park sitting in the grass and reading. We then played some tennis, came home, took a nap and rounded out the evening by making homemade meat loaf, mashed potatoes and “from-scratch” rolls. Everything was delectable. We even invited a good friend over to help with the consumption and conversation. All in all it was a perfect day! But that got me thinking… what other days have I thought, “This is perfect.”?

In no particular order except the first… My wedding day, any given day on our honey moon at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, any given day on this past summer’s all-you-can-eat Alaskan cruise, and this one weekend I was home from college and had Feed Store (my favorite soup & sandwich shop), Baskin Robbins (my grandparents owned one when I was a little kid), and Taco Bell (Chalupas & Grilled-Stuffed Burritos – Are you kidding me!) all in one day (It was epic).

I’ve realized there is a strong correlation between how I feel about the successfulness of a day and the food partaken of during it. Good to know. This information should be of use to increase the frequency of “Perfect Days”.

Have you ever had a “Perfect Day”? What made it “perfect”?



One thought on “#104. A Perfect Day

  1. I have to agree with you on the wedding/honeymoon days (We too were at an all-inclusive in Mexico). I do believe those were my perfect days…the funny thing about them is that I can remember that things didn’t always go perfect, but they were still perfect days. I am not surprised that our trip to Dallas didn’t make it as one of the perfect days, but I can’t believe you didn’t mention any of the days we were on our trip to Europe in your list. I would say most days out of either of my two trips to Europe would fall in that category. One of my other "perfect days" was during the Revolution Festival when the band I was in (The Violent Capture) had won a battle of the bands and got to play on the Main Stage (kind of opening for Jars of Clay – I mean, they did play on that stage later).

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