#5. A Shameless Plug


Two days ago I bought my first pair of white cotton socks in over two years, and I am afraid I am already regretting it.

In August of 2008, I began training for my first half marathon. I’ve run one every December since then using what I have come to believe may be the best athletic sock on the entire planet. If you are not aware, let me introduce you to Feetures Performance Socks (www.feeturesbrand.com). Due to an admittedly high capital investment cost, I have slowly added to my collection over the years, and now own six or seven pairs. Initially I only wore these while exercising, but they quickly became my preferred all-pupose sock, leaving all others to sit in the draw collecting dust. Feetures use a polyester, nylon, lycra blend that is light but extremely durable. I’ve worn the heck out of mine, and the first pair I bought show only slightly more wear than the newest. They have maintained their cushion & elasticity amazingly well.

I’ll try to remember to give a status update on the Fruit of the Loom socks I recently purchased in a year or so. I’m remaining cautiously pessimistic.


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