#19. Let’s Go Mavs!


Last night I had an incredible opportunity to attend Game 1 of the NBA Western Conference Finals. The Dallas Mavericks began a best of seven series against our neighbors to the north, the Oklahoma City Thunder. I had resigned myself to the fact that after unsuccessful attempts at purchasing nose-bleed seats last Wednesday, I would be relegated to the comfort of my own home and watching my beloved Mavs compete on my beautiful 46” Samsung LCD TV. (Just to pre-empt the potential Jesus Jukers out there… I hold my TV very loosely.)

But I was predestined to cheer from a different seat. Monday morning I got a text from one of my brother-in-law’s college buddies who had stayed with us over their Spring Break this year. His best friend from high school happens to be Cole Aldrich, a player for the Thunder. He said he would be flying down to Dallas to take in games 1 and 2 and that he had an extra ticket with my name on it. Of course I immediately offered to let him stay with us and coordinated what time he would require my chauffer services to and from the airport. So last night we got to watch a great game down at the American Airlines Center with great seats amongst the Thunder faithful. (This turned out to be awesome since no one around me wanted their free Mavs Playoff t-shirt, so I got extras.) We even had floor passes for after the game. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for my for my friend, the Mavericks won the ball game. My benefactor, Ellis, was really a great sport though and even let me wear my Mavs gear & clap for the Mavericks softly.


Speaking of softly, a lot of people said the Mavericks were soft. After running through Portland and sweeping the Lakers, I don’t think anyone is going to be accusing the Mavs of being afraid… of being scared… of being chicken.

Speaking of chicken, last night was night number two of me making dinner this week. Sticking with the petite them that I introduced last night, I present to you Miniature Chicken Pot Pies.


(Dang… I’m good! From free tickets to Chicken Pot Pie in just three short paragraphs. Are you kidding me? I should be an all-time competitor (like an Iron Chef) on a new game show based on the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. (Speaking of bacon, that would have been a lot easier. Bacon to chicken. I could have used some sort of breakfast story with bacon and eggs, and then I’d say something about what came first, the chicken or the egg, and there you have it. (But I digress from my digression)) That would be such a sweet show, and maybe Kevin Bacon could even host it.) (I’m pretty sure I lost track of how deep my parenthetical and apparently paragraphical statements went, so I’ll use this one to get me back on track.)


Anyway, great night last night. A great game. Great Mini Pot Pies. (Shout out to Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough.) And a great new game show idea. I’d call this a successful post.

What great game show ideas have you had?



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