#31. More Jupiter Droppings


In my previous post yesterday / this morning, I was asking, “How big should we dream?” Should we be more realistic when setting goals, or should we aim past the stars? Where is the balance between complacent apathy from lack of ambition and crushing disappointment when we fail to attain what was never possible?

I propose that you dream big, perhaps a little bigger than you think feasible. Then you work hard, pray hard and play hard. In the end, but also along the way, give thanks for what you have and strive for contentment in all circumstances.

I don’t have that Dodge Viper or BMW X5 yet, but maybe someday (then again maybe I’ve matured enough to give those things less value)… In the mean time, I am content and even ecstatic that the 1993 Mazda 626 that I began driving 12 years ago, is still running like a champ (most days) with over 190,000 miles. We are not yet home owners, but we love our apartment with a view of the golf course and pond. And although babies may be just past the horizon for us, we are enjoying this time alone that may be non-existent for 20 or 30 years (dang, that’s a long time).

So what’s your not so far-fetched fantasy?



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