#42. Friday


Every Friday, sometime between 10 and 11 A.M., my co-workers and I have what may be the most critical discussion of the week. I’m not talking about a status meeting or a work-load update. I’m talking about the fundamental focus, the primary purpose, and the very essence of our energy conscious corporation: “What’s for lunch?”

We adhere to a very strict Democratic policy. Anyone can offer suggestions by writing options on the common white board. Here are the rules:

1.       You get one vote. Your vote is worth one point. You may use your vote for or against any restaurant of your choosing. (Use wisely)

2.       If you choose to vote, you must yield to the majority opinion.

a.       No whining.

b.      Be persuasive.

3.       The early offer to drive to a venue of your choosing may trump all voting and dictate dining destination if all other parties are unwilling to transport.

4.       The following is a pre-approved list of acceptable and frequented establishments*:

a.       Agave Azul

b.      BJ’s Brewhouse

c.       Buffalo Wild Wings

d.      Chili’s

e.       i Fratelli

f.        Johnny Carino’s

g.      New York Pizza Pasta

h.       On The Border

i.         Texadelphia

How do you decide on Friday lunch?


*This list is alphabetical but not exhaustive.



One thought on “#42. Friday

  1. We start our discussion for lunch on Fridays at about 2 minutes after I arrive at the office. Our list of pre-approved places is Pho-Empire, Mercado Juarez, Thai Chile, Seoul Garden, Blu-Ginger, Denals, Pappadeauxs, etc.

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