#51. Don’t Just Write About It


While I try to be as honest as possible on this blog, I sometimes find that I am writing in an effort to reinforce or convince myself of certain things. I’ve mentioned how easy it is to be bold, to talk a big game behind the anonymity of the interwebs, but there are people close to me that read this, who I hope have the courage to call me out when need be.

Jon Acuff wrote a post yesterday basically talking about missed opportunities to invest in people. He talked about the surface-ality of our relationships and how that is the exact opposite of what Jesus did. Jesus didn’t overlook individuals in order to speak to the multitudes. Sure, he would occasionally preach to a group of five thousand and hundreds of people followed him, but he spent the majority of his ministry years teaching and living with twelve young men that made more disciples and carried his gospel message to the ends of the earth.

So I need to make sure I don’t just write about my faith but that I live it. I need to constantly remind myself to focus on other people and not become so self-absorbed that my wants, my job, my feelings, my time becomes the all-consuming and singular concentration in life. What’s going on in the lives of my family, friends and co-workers? How can I better see strangers like cashiers, waiters and baristas through a gospel lens, viewing them as people and not just an obstacle between me and whatever I’m paying for? In the end History will likely be impacted much more by what you did rather than what you thought, wrote or said.

What are you investing in?



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