#61. Phantom Vibration Syndrome


I recently read an article like this one discussing Phantom Vibration Syndrome. Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean you haven’t experienced it. This is an epidemic that is plaguing First World Countries. Phantom Vibration Syndrome is when you are properly using the vibrate function on your cellular device. You feel the “alert”, and pull your phone from your purse, pocket or totally awesome and non-nerdy belt holster, only to find that your phone is not ringing. You have not missed a call or received a text or email or notification that your favorite sports team has begun a game, been rain delayed, scored a run or won or lost. You have not been notified of a change in flight schedule or that someone has maliciously dethroned you from your Foursquare mayorship. It doesn’t seem that your phone has vibrated for any reason, and in fact, it didn’t. We have been so conditioned by our mobile phones, our brains interpret minute muscle spasms, subtle floor settling and clothing movement as hope for communication from another person, even if the message is automated. And when our brains have no signal to misinterpret, it makes one up. Crazy!

So here’s the Theological Thursday Jesus Juke: What if we were so in tune with God’s will, so diligent in our prayer lives, so intimately familiar with the sound of His voice, that we heard Him everywhere and all the time? What if we conditioned our hearts, minds and souls to recognize God’s voice not just when He’s shouting, not even in the whispers, but in the complete and utter silence? Cuz here’s the thing… I suspect He’s always speaking; we just aren’t listening. It’s not like the Old Testament when God would go silent for decades or centuries. The Holy Spirit dwells in every Believer. The Christian’s body is God’s temple.

Perhaps that phantom vibration is the God of the universe. Then again, maybe it’s all in your head.

Does your phone phantomly vibrate?



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