#64. Hostage TV


With an incredibly limited number of channels and an even more limited amount of quality content, I was tricked (for the second time in two weeks) into watching Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. To say I was tricked may be overstating. I suppose I was technically cornered into viewing this fairly interesting and entertaining movie. The down side is that last night and the previous Monday evening have been spent in away from home in a slightly above average Houston area Drury Inn and Suites. Given their complimentary breakfast and happy hour, as well as their small but sufficient workout facility, clean rooms and plush towels, their television channel dificiency and lack of HD programming is an obvious but subtle black eye that I’m willing to overlook.

The point is, last Monday Home Box Office saw fit to air Wall Street just as I was turning in for the evening, around eleven P.M. I hadn’t yet seen the movie, but wanted to, and ended up watching it in it’s entirety ’til about one A.M. That was a mistake, and I was dragging big time and kicking myself all day Tuesday for my poor judgement and stupidity. Regardless, the movie was decent and I enjoyed it. Fast forward to last night, and I was trapped again! But this time I had a secret weapon… will power and the remote control power button. I also had back up in the form of complete and utter exhaustion.

So I still watched half of it… turns out I don’t really have much will power, but I do have an abundance of stupidity and the ability to learn very little from prevoius mistakes, so I’ve got that going for me.

Have you ever been backed into a TV viewing corner, either by dismal selection or someone holding the remote hostage?

What were you forced to watch? Did you end up liking it?


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