#88. Hiatus

I’m going to be taking a short-term sabbatical from SOS. Have no fear. It won’t be nearly as long as John Piper was M.I.A. Amidst the usual personal responsibilities, there is an unusual amount of professional obligations that all decided to team up and make October this year’s Month of Mayhem.
I’ll still try to post from time to time over the coming weeks, but I hope that this will free up some time to focus on more pressing matters.
So just to be sure I cover all my bases, Happy Columbus Day, Boss’ Day, Mother-In-Law’s Day and Halloween!


One thought on “#88. Hiatus

  1. Hey-I appreciate that "Happy Mother-in-law" shout out! You know how to charm the in-laws!!! I am, however, noticing that it is nestled between Boss’ Day & Halloween!Who did that anyway?!

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