#92. Welcome Back! Welcome Back! Welcome Back!


That’s right, Song of Sloman is back! It’s been almost four months since SOS went off the air. There were a few times that my fingers could simply not be silenced resulting in two or three posts that hopefully found their way to you. But this is a new beginning. At least for a season (and there is really no telling how long the season may be) we are going to focus a little less on quantity and a little more on quality. Obviously I can only guarantee that the quantity will be less; you can be the judge of the quality. The goal will be two or three posts each week. There are sure to still be some Theological Thursdays as well as Philosophical Fridays. we’ll even try to capture some of the extremely elusive Whatchamacallit Weekends.

So let’s get to it. I was gonna jump right back in with a massive tirade about an article I saw concerning Chinese labor practices used in production of Apple’s iPhone and iPad, but I’ll save that for a Friday. Instead, I’d like to kick things off with both feet and talk about argyle or more pretentiously argyll. Specifically argyll socks.

Argyll socks are the pinnacle of undergarment fashion footwear. No other stocking can achieve the complex tapestry of overlapping motifs quite like the signature pattern of the argyll slipper. Argyll allows wearer to seamlessly pull together an expansive pallet of colors into a singular uniform. Varying shades of a single color or diametrically contrasted pigments can all coexist in the argyll sock. The perfect buffer between trouser and shoe: the plain colored sock is forced to simply match the pant, but the argyll can play off the shirt, tie or both.

So I know what you’re asking. “Where can I get some argyle socks? I’m sold, and I need them desperately.” Of course this response is completely valid and natural. I would point you toward my go-to supplier for all my argyle foot-covering needs. Banana Republic. All of these styles come in multiple colors, and you are unlikely to go wrong with any of them. If you are a little tentative, you don’t have to dive right in, just dip your toes. Ask for a pair for Christmas or give a pair as a gift, and watch your friends and family rave about their own experiences. Living vicariously through someone else’s argyle isn’t ideal, but it’s better than living without argyle at all.

Do you wear boring socks, or are you a pioneer on the Argyll Band Wagon?



One thought on “#92. Welcome Back! Welcome Back! Welcome Back!

  1. Since I left the Navy and been freed from the Man’s oppression, I’ve said yes to the Argyll Band Wagon! I love the array of colors available, and well, I’ll be honest, sometimes my argyll doesn’t play off any part of the outfit, but I still love them. Banana Republic has also been a major contributor to my collection.P.S. I am excited for the return of SOS!

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