#96. Mondays with Murphy


I often enjoy speaking for my dog. Not on behalf of him, but as if I truly know what is in his mind at a given moment. I usually think it’s hilarious. My wife: not so much. I took this picture today right after saying his name and wondered, “What is he thinking?” Here’s some not so funny things he might have been thinking.

1. My name is Murphy.
2. Can I help you with something?
3. I was in the middle of a great nap, dreaming about a tasty rawhide pig ear.
4. What’s that thing your sticking in my face?
5. Are you leaving?
6. Is it time to get in my kennel?
7. I love sitting on the couch.
8. Please don’t leave!
9. Thanks for lunch & the walk outside.
10. Hurry home!


2 thoughts on “#96. Mondays with Murphy

  1. 11. i would love to see the world. vacations are so nice. some time on the mississippi river would serve dual purposes as both an exquisite get-away as well as much-needed expansion of my identity and cultural understandings. it is hard to believe that such well-meaning parent/owners would stifle my full experience of life by leaving me isolated and self-absorbed in this manner. must begin a more aggressive plan to secure a position in st. paul, mn.

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