#98. Tie Tuesday


Three weeks ago I jumped on a bandwagon being driven by one of my coworkers. We call this growing wagon party “Tie Tuesday”. We work in an office dominated by engineers and their army of Polos and open collared dress shirts. Our small band of neck flourished brothers is wading against this naked neck trend, and I am happy to report the tide is beginning to wish it would turn if it could. Today we had new compatriot sporting a fashionable nape noose. So next week dust off one of those old ties in the back of your closet, slip on your favorite argyle socks, and join us in celebrating Tie Tuesday!

As a side note there are some grumblings about marrying Thai Tuesdays with Tie Tuesdays and calling it Thai Tie Tuesdays. May it never be! Thai people are wonderful, but their food is horrendous. These musings must be silenced.

Do you Tie Tuesday?



One thought on “#98. Tie Tuesday

  1. I have not worn a tie to work since my interview. When examining my sufficient but never enough paycheck, I usually remember this fact and feel a bit better. Even better, I’ve worn a hoodie to work more than 90% of the time through the past 3 years. God blessed the Oregon coast.

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