#9. An Apology and an Observation


The Apology:

To whom it may concern (the 13 people who originally read the previous post & anyone that may read it in the future): I am sorry and deeply regret offending anyone implicitly or explicitly by posting a picture of the Royal Crown Cola logo immediately following the blog title “Royal Failure?”. This was irresponsible and poorly planned. I would also like to apologize to Royal Crown Cola International for what I’m sure caused a major downturn in sales this past weekend. I would also like to lend my own personal endorsement to Royal Crown Cola, having always believed it to be a product of terrific quality and taste. And I would like to further endorse Babe’s Chicken Dinner House (http://www.babeschicken.com/) here in the Dallas area, for its superior cuisine as well as for serving Royal Crown products.

The Observation:

This observation is really two-fold. The irony of the previous post is that the title may have been prophetic of its own existence. Stated another way… All of my previous posts had achieved about 50 viewings in thier first 24 hours after posting. The aforementioned 13 in a 3 day period feels like failing royally. The second part to my observation is this… Posting on Friday night is a terrible idea. People have better things to do than putts around online during the weekend. But as soon as Monday rolls around, everyone sitting in their cubicles is looking for something to distract them from their gray walls while they wait for 5pm.

If you blog it, they will read. (During the week at least.)


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