#10. Rhythm and Rhyme


Everyone loves Rhymes. They’re catchy and easy to remember. The repetition of entire syllables is pleasing to the ear. It is foundational to poetry, and thus finds it’s way into countless melodies that make up the music we listen to. Rhyming is rhythmic, identifiable, smooth and undeniable. But I get bored with Rhymes. They come too easy and often sound cheesy (See what I did there?). Then again, it could just be that I was over exposed to Dr Seuss as a youth (OK, that was a stretch).

Either way, from time to time, I find myself drawn to what I believe is Rhyme’s more subtle and sophisticated literary cousin, Alliteration. I literally love Alliteration. I’m often obsessed to the point that I can’t control myself. Sometimes starting sentences without it seems surprisingly simple. Other times I can’t put two words together if I try. But I’m always on alert for the alliterative apex. That occasional occurance of phonetic formation when alliteration is achieved with dissimilar letters. All of this to say, I’m an Alliteration Addict.

But enough about me. What’s your slippery slope? Do you have a gratifying grammatical gimmic?


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