#14. Stupid for Seattle


So let’s just get it out of the way. The only reason that Seattle made the title of this post is because I’m fishing for Northwestern readership. Song of Sloman has a strong base in the Midwest and Texas and a surprising number of views on the east coast and in the L.A. area. I suppose I could have referenced some obscure city such as Waldport, Oregon, but let’s be honest Waldport probably doesn’t have the geographical clout of a place like Seattle or even Portland. So anyway… enough about Seattle and on to the Stupid.

Monday night I did something that made me look, and even worse, feel incredibly stupid. I’m all geeked up right now, because Jon Acuff (www.stuffchristianslike.net) is coming to Dallas this week to speak at the Catalyst Conference and also to do a book signing for the release of his new book Quitter. I’ve been telling a lot of people about it, put it on my calendar and even though my wife has been sick, got a couple people to go with me. So Monday night I left work a little early, rushed home to get changed and picked up my almost as enthusiastic companions. Walking into Grapevine Mills Mall, my nerves were starting to get the best of me, but I was still excited. As we walk into the bookstore, my first instinct to look for the crowd was squashed by the realization that there wasn’t one. One of my companions proceeded to ask a cashier where the book signing was taking place. The employee looked at us like we were complete morons, or maybe that’s just what I felt like. He then stated that there was no signing tonight, but that there would be one on Wednesday for a new book called Quitter.

How could I have made such an obvious error regarding something I was so highly anticipating? I got planner punked. So sorry for wasting your time. Sorry for taking you away from an evening with your kids. Really sorry you had to ride all the way over here with me in my embarrassingly hooptie-esque Mazda. Wait! How did I go from making a scheduling mistake to bashing my ride that I just touted as a blessing in my previous post? The devil! I know its you satan. You lose. I love my hooptie-esque Mazda and refuse to be embarrassed by it. Ha!

After all that my companions were very gracious. They simply said, “No big deal. We’ll come back Wednesday, and we can drive. It was great spending time with you.”

I don’t act very graciously toward others when they waste my time. Even if I put up a front and act like it’s no problem, I often find myself silently berating them for the inconvenience.

How stupid or gracious are you?



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