#15. Getting to the 2nd Drink


Holy cats! It’s Theological Thursday! I was getting ready to write this post and realized I would either have to put some crazy spin on my original topic to effectively Jesus Juke you right out of your chair, or I could push it to the highly volatile Friday post and live on the edge. Ah… you know me too well. Of course I’m going to literarily run like a madman to edge of a precipice, because this blog is the only place I have the courage to do so. (Spoiler alert tomorrow’s post will feature a celebrity encounter.)

So then what’s on tap today you ask? Thanks for getting me back on point. I love word pictures and often find myself painting elaborate portraits that suck me in like the black hole inside Dyson’s unparalleled Ball Vacuum. OK, back to drinking. I’m sure you guessed based on the title that this post would discuss liquid consumption, and if you did guess that, then you are absolutely correct. A couple weeks ago I stumbled across an interesting concept while hanging out with a friend. We were waiting for our wives, who were taking a painting class, and killing time by patronizing a local establishment specializing in the dispensation of adult beverages. An abundance of time (3 hours) led to an equally appropriate and responsible ingestion of fluid. This was a fairly new friend, and having not spent copious amounts of time together, we spent a good bit of time learning about each others histories and interests.

This encounter came to my mind the next evening at our Church Home Group while we were discussing our relationship with God. We were trying to reason how best to move from more superficial interaction with God (praying about the weather, our food, even tough decisions or disease), to a deeper level of intimacy and understanding (praising God for who He is and what he has done, grasping His character and loving Him passionately). I related the previous night’s events, attempting to communicate that only through time spent, could we hope to truly open up and reciprocally delve deeper into another person’s life. After floundering around the idea for a few moments, the following phrase tumbled out of my mouth. “We need to get to the second drink.” (Let’s put that on a t-shirt… “Get to the 2nd Drink.” or maybe “I want seconds.”)

The second drink is where the surface conversation ends and the good stuff begins. All too often I don’t invest the time necessary to uncover the truly good stuff. You could argue quality over quantity, but I would challenge all of us to strive for both.

So what random phrase have you given philosophical meaning to? What great t-shirt ideas have you had? Or maybe the best question is… Are you drinking enough?



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