#16. Celebrity Apprentice


After yesterday’s teaser, I’ll just get right to it. I did not meet Donald Trump on Wednesday. But maybe for just a fraction of a second, you thought I did. I did meet a celebrity though. Jon Acuff is a great author, speaker and blogger. He was speaking at the Catalyst Conference here in Dallas this week, and since his new book Quitter released Wednesday, he was doing a book signing at a local mall. Here’s how it played out…

A few weeks ago I found out a couple in our church home group knew Jon Acuff. His dad was a pastor of a church in Massachusetts where our friends used to live. Our friends were actually very close with Jon’s family and spent many years watching him grow up in the church. I found out about the book signing and immediately alerted my friends that Jon was coming to Dallas. (I figured they would like to see him, and I figured it would get me a few more precious moments of side hugging.) Much to my delight, I got much more than a side-hug.


My friend suggested that we grab dinner with Jon and his publisher representative after the signing. So of course we took him to get some stellar Tex-Mex at Anamia’s. It was great getting to know him and sharing some jokes. Our friends not so subtly commented that we were home group leaders at The Village where Matt Chandler is pastor. No big deal. And of course he was extremely impressed by my wife’s appearance on Oprah, but that story is for another post. By the end of the very late evening, we were sharing full frontal hugs and tweeting back and forth on into the night.

So now we are BFF’s, and he’s probably going to ask me to guest post on stuffchristianslike.net. I’ll accept of course, and his readership will double over night. Then we’ll end up writing a best-selling book together and tour the country talking about how God brought us together for such a time as this. And Michael W. Smith’s Friends are Friends Forever will loop continuously in the background. Man, this is going to be sooo sweet!



One thought on “#16. Celebrity Apprentice

  1. ha ha! That is awesome, Garrett! So glad you guys had a great time. Though I’m a little creeped out by the statement "a few more precious moments of side hugging." 😉

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