#17. Celebrating Seattle


First things first: Song of Sloman got its first Seattle reader this weekend! This has been a long time coming, and we even did a special blog post reaching out to the Northwest. So thank you so much whoever you are. You are greatly appreciated.

Number two: The title of this post allowed me to use my favorite form of alliteration.

Number three: My wife gets incredibly giddy when I offer to make dinner for the week. Admittedly, I am a slacker, but I justify this by telling myself that she receives joy by serving me in this way and making most of the meals. Regardless, I’m quite certain that she knows in the back of her mind, there is a solid chance that the food will taste horrible. Even farther in the back of her mind, there is probably a paralyzing fear that what I make will cause her to become quite ill. (I may have under cooked some chicken once when we were still dating that she graciously and foolishly ate any way.) But somehow she manages to push these things aside and full-on embraces the idea that I may one-day become a culinary god (little “g” for humor and borderline heresy) that will not inadvertently poison her.

So I am preparing four meals this week. Look forward to a picture and short description of each in the coming days. I will have to MacGyver a way for the food picture to cleverly represent the over or under-arching theme of that day’s post. (I loved watching MacGyver growing up and even more love using him as a verb.)

What was your favorite 80’s TV show? What is a word that you wish was a verb? (Please use it in a sentence.)



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