#22. It’s Been a While…


Five years ago, Monday, May 22, 2006, I began an internship with TAC (Tour Andover Controls), now Schneider Electric. My mom is fond of telling the story, as we were checking out the Dallas area, how I was adamant that I would not end up in Texas after graduation in December. I was obviously quite wrong. I didn’t have anything against Texas, but I had no family in the area, and I had always pictured myself ending up in either St. Louis or Kansas City. Over the last four years, Coppell has slowly started becoming home. I enjoy spending time reflecting on the past. It’s humbling and encouraging all at the same time. It is amazing to look at my former self and see an abundance of pride in the midst of deep ignorance, but then I also get to see how much I’ve grown spiritually, emotionally & hopefully not too much physically.

Speaking of an abundance of pride… I finished out our mini meals on Saturday. Brunch consisted of Breakfast Cups w/ bananas. Toast, bacon, egg & cheese: Delicious!


Where did you think you would be five years ago?



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