#24. Obligations


I decided not to post today, because I basically ran out of time, and who wants to waste their time reading some trivial tidbit of the blogosphere that had minimal thought and creativity tossed onto the screen of a self-important introvert with hardly anything to say of substance or relevance or any other word meaning consequential?

Well… I suppose you do.

It was a busy day at work. Then I rushed home to have dinner with my wife. Followed that up with Coppell Men’s Prayer Night and then watched the Mavericks win the Western Conference Finals! I didn’t want this post to just be some sort of obligatory onus. (Onus… what a sweet word!… I need to use that more often.) So that’s why I’m not writing right now. I just don’t need the pressure. I have to be able to show myself some grace once in a while, even if it means forcing you to show me grace in the process. Forced grace? Sounds like a topic for Thursday…


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