#26. Three Day Weekend


It’s finally here. It’s been a crazy week. I’ve been sick for most of it. Coughing and congestion. All of the fun stuff. I missed a few hours of work Monday and Tuesday, but it’s five o’clock on Friday, and I’m all caught up. Of course computer problems this afternoon threatened a deadline I was racing to meet, but a co-worker helped me out, and I was able to deliver on time. I thought this project would loom over me all weekend and creep into one of my coveted days off, but somehow completion was achieved, and stress is quickly decreasing.

This weekend has arrived not a moment too soon. Tomorrow will be a great time with friends while grilling beside a pool. And then it’s just me and the wife… and the Murph-man (our dog Murphy) for two days of unsheduled bliss. I forsee much rest and relaxation in my near future. I just hope I take time to remember the reason I’m so relaxed…

What are you doing this weekend?


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