#29. Belated Theo-Thursday


I need to appologize to everyone out there in SOS Nation. I am sure you were all waiting anxiously for my airplane post yesterday, but it never came. I let you down, and I’m sorry, but I want to assure you that it will happen again. And that is a promise I’m willing to stand behind. And that is a promise that I will deliver on.

All kidding aside, I did have inspiration and intention of posting yesterday, but I was just too tired, or more accurately, too lazy to do so. While I was in South Texas this week doing an energy audit for a school district, I came across an oddity that I had to take a picture of. The photo above is truly rediculous, but somehow later in the day, God used it to teach me a lesson. This piece of equipment on the side of a school building is apparently worth protecting, but not worth protecting well. I’m not sure what this picture says to you, but to me it says that I put way to much trust in the time and effort and planning of my finances that have a great appearance of safety, when in reality money has no way of shielding me from life’s greatest tragedies. My savings account can’t keep my wife safe. My stocks can’t prevent me from being diagnosed with terminal cancer tomorrow. And my 401(k) can not offer deep-seated hope and peace in this life or eternal salvation for the next.

What “protections” do you put too much hope in?


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