#28. On The Road Again


In an effort to maintain my commitment to posting a minimum of every business day, I find myself typing with my thumbs on my iPhone in a La Quinta in Harlingen, Texas. We flew down yesterday, and while it pained me to be away from Dallas when the Mavericks were playing game one of the NBA Finals against the Hated Heat, (Dang that was a long preposition.) I was pleased at the number of Dirk jerseys & Mavs fans representing at the local Buffalo Wild Wings here in the Rio Grande Valley. The resulting outcome was not favorable. Of course I’m talking about the game, not the delicious flavor of the new Chipotle BBQ dry rub that I took the opportunity to wisely partake of. Lucky for the Mavs, I will be back in Dallas tomorrow night which is obviously where I was for every other game that they have won this postseason. I’m pretty sure my position on the planet is the x-factor that sways the teams performance. If not the entire team, at least the bench and certainly my close personal homeboy Jose Juan Barea. The lil rican needs me!
Anyway… Look forward to my first airport or maybe even in-flight post tomorrow!
Where would you like to see me post from?


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