#38. Tacos for Jesus


I received a rebuke of sorts tonight for being less than diligent after missing a couple posts last week. That’s my bad. I will redouble my efforts and strengthen my waning resolve.

Speaking of resolve, we had a unique opportunity tonight to further The Kingdom. Now there is a certain kind of Christian who does crazy things for God. They do things like go on short-term mission trips to Africa, talk to their friends and family about spiritual matters, and actually pray for people when they say they will. Beyond that you have what I like to call the extremist or fanatic. These people are “all in” and absolutely sold-out for the Gospel. Many of them take the Bible so literally that they sell their possessions to become full-time missionaries and share their faith with everyone they know and even some people they don’t. They may fast through multiple meals in a single day to better focus on the many blessings they’ve been given.

But there is another level of Christian passion that exceeds these other two respectable but lower tier Believers that I like to label Zealots or Jesus Freaks. This premier stratosperical category is reserved for those who go to Church every single Sunday or Saturday or podcast a sermon if they were running too late or got busy. These people try really hard to read their Bible and/or pray every day, and we, I mean they, do insane, extremely bold things like eating tacos for Jesus.

Fifteen percent of tonight’s proceeds at Rosa’s Cafe in Highland Village went to an upcoming mission trip with The Village Church if patrons mentioned “Kenya”.

How are you being crazy for Christ?


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