#39. Shameless Plug – #3


This is beginning to get out of hand. It’s time to buckle down. And that means you are in for a Two-for-Wednesday. I know, it doesn’t sound sleek and sexy, but the topics of the post probably won’t be either. Let’s get to it…

I would like to heartily endorse Charmin Basic. It is soft enough to properly pamper your posterior yet sufficiently strong enough to tackle the task at hand. Let’s be honest for a moment. No one wants to use that overly soft paper that falls apart right when you need it most, and no one appreciates that John Wayne toilet paper either. You know the kind I’m talking about… that single ply cardboard that’s rough, tough and won’t take sh.. errr.. crap from anyone. I mean you obviously respect it, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it. Charmin Basic is that perfect marriage of the two extremes, and here’s the clincher… It’s affordable, and noticeably cheaper than any of Charmin’s other TP lines: Ultra Soft, Ultra Strong or Sensitive. Speaking of sensitive who really needs “a touch of aloe and vitamin E” for their fanny anyway?

So go get yourself some Charmin Basic, but even if you hate it, you’ll never convince me I’m wrong.

How do you roll?



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