#40. Roll Out


The comment on today’s earlier post nearly stole my thunder, but I’ll roll with it anyway.

There are 5 reasons to roll your toilet paper to the front instead of the back.

1. You don’t have to reach around behind the roll to find the hidden ply.

2. Rolling the TP over the top naturally places it closer to you.

3. Over the top allows easy access at night or in low light conditions.

4. If you roll behind, you sometimes have several unsightly plies dangling against the wall after use.

5. I can’t think of a single reason to roll back other than laziness, spite or just liking the Wal-mart catch phrase.

There are 0 reasons to roll your toilet paper behind. I would challenge anyone to come up with an equally compelling list of 5 reasons to roll the wrong way, and of course I will be the judge, but I’ll try to have an open mind.

Do you roll out or roll back?


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