#46. Why you should wear a belt even when you think you don’t “need” to… *


Because when you don’t, you look silly. A belt is not merely a utility device. It is also an accessory, and even an engineer like myself, who often preaches practicality, can admit to the need for form over function at times. This is one of those times.
Now don’t be ridiculous. Of course I realize there are exceptions. So here are a few:
1. Your pants don’t have belt loops. This one seems obvious, but I knew if I didn’t bring it up, you would. (This includes athletic shorts, pajama pants, jumpsuits, sweatpants and leggings. I’m not sure why you wear leggings, but this list is about you, not me. I’m not the one with the wardrobe problem. You are.)
2. If you are already wearing suspenders. (No need to double dip here. You’re covered.)
3. You’re retired. (You can get away with anything. You’re a little older, and everyone says, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” You can wear your pants around your chest, mix brown and black, and wear socks with sandals. You’ve earned it.)
4. You’re naked. (Now this last one is optional, and I can’t stress enough how a great belt can really dress up your birthday suit. Just be sure to watch out for sharp edges.)

Now as always, these rules are not hard and fast, but they’re a great jumping off point to get you thinking abelt what you’re wearing.

*This post is directed toward men only. Particularly men who commit crimes of beltlessness.


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