#47. Don’t Blog & Drive

You’ve heard the age old adage: “Don’t text and drive.” But it’s lesser proclaimed cousin: “Don’t blog and drive.” should not be overlooked. Blogging while driving is extremely dangerous, and I would know, because I’m doing it right now. Obviously I owe the world some SOS content since I’m back from vacation, and being that necessity is the mother of invention, and it is necessary that I drive to the airport to pick up my wife, it had to be done. I care about you that much. It could probably be argued that laziness or procrastination is the mother of necessity, but that’s a topic for a previous post. I apologize for the lack of a picture, and please excuse any misspellings or grammatical errors, but I’ve got a dog running around inside the car, and I’m trying to watch the road from time to time. Well, almost there!
What do you do that you would tell other people not to do?


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