#48. Scared of the Dark

July is the official vacation month here at SOS, and as such, all five of you that subscribe have probably noticed a major drop off in content. As we close in on Post #50, it’s been nice to pull back and reflect on this writing experiment that has blossomed into the Song of Sloman. I’ve learned several things in the last few months:
1. I really do enjoy writing, and this blog has helped to cultivate a creative aspect of my life that sometimes gets neglected in the spreadsheets and calculations of engineering.
2. Coming up with unique and blog worthy content five days a week can seem impossible and beat you down at times.
3. Coming up with unique and blog worthy content five days a week can seem effortless and fulfilling at times.
4. If you have been saved by Christ, then nothing and no one can threaten you. No other beliefs or false teachings can rob you of the Truth and Salvation you’ve received through grace. We have absolute freedom, and fear and bitterness only affirm those things we allow to own us. (I know that one was a bit deep, but I missed Theo-Thursday this week and felt compelled to make up for it somehow. Thank you point #4 for allowing me to hi-jack you for the sake of the Gospel.)
5. I still don’t like avocado but secretly wish I did. There I said it!
6. It’s easy to write with confidence and conviction; it’s difficult to live and speak with the same boldness.
With that said, I take my leave. I will be mostly off the grid for the next 10 days and trying to minimize technology. So SOS will be going dark for a little while, but don’t be afraid of the dark. Embrace it. Rest in it. And know that we’ll be back and singing better than ever on Monday the 18th. I may try to sneak a tweet from time to time. Following @gsloman83 will assure you are up to date on all things Sloman.
How do you relax when you’re not reading Song of Sloman?


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