#49. Alaska in a Photographic Nutshell


This is one of several glaciers we saw. Although the mountain behind it makes it look small, this glacier rises up over 200 feet from the waters surface. Spectacular!


The nine o’clock gun in Vancouver, BC.


The Lumberjack Show in Ketchikan


Pulling crab pots in Juneau.


A retired railroad snow plow in Skagway.


Helicopter ride up to the glacier near Skagway.


Drinking glacial melt on top of a glacier near Skagway.


Formal night on board the ms Zaandam.

2 thoughts on “#49. Alaska in a Photographic Nutshell

  1. Cool, I’m pretty sure I have a similar picture standing next to that very same cannon from back in August of ’09! I really enjoyed Vancouver and the park!

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