#54. First World Problems


Everyone has heard of Third World Problems. Things like famine, malaria, lack of running or even clean water for that matter, no sanitation or sewer systems, high infant mortality rate, dial-up internet access, the list goes on and on. The idea for this post came from a comment a friend of mine made in response to the following tweets:

Not happy my @Starbucks closed while I was on vacation. It was only half a mi away. Now the 3 closest are all 3 mi. #ConvenienceFail


As @foursquare #mayor of that @Starbucks for a few months, my constituents & I should have been consulted prior to closing. #DemocracyFail

These are real life First World Problems. My friend Nathan was absolutely correct, but until he cleverly hashtagged #1stWorldProblems, I’d never considered the humor possibilities those three words could represent. Apparently other people are well ahead of the curve, and while I haven’t vetted and certainly don’t endorse any of the material, I do like hyperlinks. You might find some funny stuff here or here. My own list consists of:

  1. Re-syncing the surround sound when switching between Cable TV and the Blu-ray player.
  2. Having to deal with two remotes.
  3. Suffering through several days of showers and hand washing with 85 degree water when our Hot Water Heater thermostat wasn’t working.
  4. Forgetting my ID badge or iPhone at home and having to commute the entire 6 minutes back to my apartment from my office. (That’s not really a First World Problem, I just like to gloat about my short commute.)
  5. Having a refrigerator, freezer and pantry full of food but nothing good to eat.
  6. Taking 10 minutes to decide whether to get a Large or X-Large free Michael Young t-shirt at the Rangers baseball game, because you’re not sure if the 100% cotton will shrink too much or not enough.
  7. Being in between t-shirt sizes.

What are your First World Problems?



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