#57. Getting Older


Yesterday morning I woke up and couldn’t feel my right arm. From the shoulder down, I felt nothing but a slightly numb tingling sensation. After laying there in bed for several minutes, waiting for it to come back to life and thinking about how I almost always sleep with my arm over my head or stretched out under me and how I should really stop doing it for just this reason, I headed in to the bathroom to begin the daily routine, but as I reached up into the medicine cabinet to get my contacts, unexpected and definitely unwelcome pain shot through my arm. Evidently the previous night’s sleeping position also caused some minor injury, but nearly 36 hours later, it’s not much better.

Are you old? It’s an easy answer if you can’t even remember being young. I’m pretty sure I’m in that middle area right now. The only pain I ever had growing up that lasted more than 24 hours was after doing slide steps during the first week of basketball each year. Now I’m beginning to notice aches and pains from everyday activities or inactivity like sleeping.

Perhaps we are just less aware when we are young. I’ve found myself incredibly attentive to weather conditions the older I’ve gotten. Forget about temperature. It barely got over 100 degrees today. Bring on 115. But humidity… now there’s a nuisance. Humidity is Public Enemy Number One in my book. If you think Hell is going to be hot, you’re right, but it’s also going to be humid, and I mean absolutely stifling. People in Hell will be in a constant state of perspiration. Here in the physical world, it can only reach 100% relative humidity. That’s all the moisture the air is capable of holding at a given temperature, but in Hell, in the spiritual world, it’s gonna be closer to 200%. I can totally understand why Rob Bell is trying to prove there is no Hell. He understands what the humiditary implications are, but we can’t just pretend it doesn’t exist! Listen to me Rob. I know how much you hate humidity. I hate it too, but Jesus died for our sins, so we can live in Heaven forever where it’s nice and dry. Not so dry that you get nose bleeds and have to use skin lotion, but comfortably dry.

How old are you?



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