#58. A Little Loopy


I’m not sure what most people think about throughout the day. I hope that you think about really random things, but then you share them with someone, so you’re able to get that, “you’re kinda weird” look. If you don’t get that look once in a while, then you’re not really living, and your friends and family are being deprived. At least that’s what I tell myself and my wife when she gives me that look.

Anyway, all that to say, we did some shopping this weekend. I needed a new pair of jeans and a new pair of khaki shorts. I’m very particular about my clothing. (Just one of the many manifestations of my OCD tendencies.) If I don’t 100% love an article of clothing, it will sit in the drawer or closet and never be worn. That seems wasteful and silly, so I just refrain from buying it in the first place. After hitting up several area department stores, we did finally find success, but I want to let you in on a secret. One of my top 3 criteria for shorts and pants, right behind comfort and appearance is possibly one of the most critical functional issues often being overlooked these days: Belt loop spacing.

Now you all know how I feel about men’s belts. If you don’t, read this. I believe much discomfort and waist band bunching could be prevented with two tiny loops. Given the gravity of this post, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I really do treasure my Levi’s 569 jeans, but sadly, even this dashing denim boasts only 5 poorly placed loops. (Two in the front, one on each side and one in the back middle.) However, the Levi’s cargo shorts that we scored, show major swag with seven substantial loops. (Two in the front, one on each side and three across the back!) It’s brilliant! I wore these khakis for the first time tonight, and let me tell you, it was a delightful experience. No bunching. No slippage. It’s like I always say, “If you want swag, don’t sag.”

Do you have enough loops?



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