#67. A Sad Reality


Saturday morning I woke up in a panic. I rarely remember dreaming, and obviously recall the specifics of what I dreamt even more infrequently, but Saturday when I awoke, I immediately knew I had been having a nightmare. Unfortunately I couldn’t even begin to guess at the vivid circumstances that had been playing through my comatose mind just moments earlier. I chalked it up to another irretrievable nocturnal illusion and began getting dressed.

Within five minutes, the dream sequence was rushing back to my consciousness. But it wasn’t just a dream; it was based in truth. I had been terribly busy at work on Friday. Then I left early and NASCARed my trusty Mazda to my wife’s new school and spent several hours helping her set up her classroom. We ran errands to several stores, and got home late, immediately eating dinner then being drawn into a late starting Rangers game in which they blew up the Athletics nine to one. I went to bed anticipating breakfast in the morning with my boys from home group and was completely blind sided by horrific but not completely untrue hallucinations… I forgot my Friday blog post!

In my dream I was frantically searching for a topic to discuss, a clever joke to make, some witty witticism for my readers to witness, but none could be found. Then like a flood light burning through the fog, a scripture from the book of Acts hit me like a freight train, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this week Theological Thursday must be followed by Faith Filled Friday. Then I woke up.

But I really did forget to post. I could have written a Johnny-come-lately post on Saturday, but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not afraid to leave a man behind, so I just abandoned ship and enjoyed the weekend.

Fast forward to Sunday, and my wife and I are driving home after a post-church lunch with one of my former co-workers. Our pastor had really brought it that morning in his sermon, emphasizing that Creation, the Gospel and God’s saving grace is not about us. Everything exists to reveal the glory of God. It’s all about Him! Then we had a great meal full of tacos and queso accompanied by great conversation, but on the drive home it hit me, I didn’t check in on Foursquare at lunch. I was stunned.

Twice in three days, reality had caused me to neglect my virtual responsibilities. Well never again! I vow to pay less attention to my family and friends, focusing more time on interweb strangers. I promise to redouble my efforts at venues where I possess Foursquare mayorships, and I will never again miss a “Good morning.”, “It’s lunch time.”, “Good night.” or “My dog just eliminated waste.” status update to Facebook or Twitter again.

Are you ever distracted by reality?



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