#69. Cats and Dogs


We heard a great sermon illustration on Sunday, so I thought I’d share it here. It seems so obvious, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it.

Cat and Dog Theology:


You feed, groom and, only when absolutely necessary, bathe your cat. Based on your obvious devotion and service to him, he concludes that he is god. You come home. He couldn’t care less. You are merely a slave to him, and any attention you receive will be on his terms and most likely for his benefit. You will spend a lifetime pursuing your cat, hoping that one day he will see the reality of his situation.


You feed, groom and, only when absolutely necesary, bathe your dog. Based on your obvious care and love for him, he concludes that you are god. You come home. He is as excited as the very first time you met. He wants to play with you and spend time with you. He goes wherever you go. He wants to be near you. You are his master, and he showers you with affection. He loves you, because you first loved him.

Are you a cat or a dog?



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