#83. Taking Out The Trash


It’s been a while since I’ve done a product plug here on SOS. I only endorse products that I am passionate about and that I make an extreme conscious effort to use.
So what’s the item that you must rush to the store for right this minute?
Glad ForceFlex Odor Shield Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags. #BOOM
I know it’s a mouthful and incredibly specific, but greatness demands specificity. Let’s break it down for the slow learners in the class.
1. Glad. Hefty who? If it’s not Glad then neither am I.
2. ForceFlex. The crisscross pattern ensures that you are entrusting your refuse to the bag with the greatest strength, durability and overall structural integrity.
3. Odor Shield. This product employs the magical, stench-decimating-power of Febreeze. Obviously this only adds to the product’s superior awesomeness.
4. Tall Kitchen. This is the tricky part. Everybody’s kitchen is different. My wife and I are plus and minus an inch from six feet respectively, so we like high ceilings. A tall kitchen for tall people. It just makes sense.
5. Drawstring. This is crucial. A lot of the competition rolls out Handle-Tie, Quick-Tie and even the old school Twist-Tie options. Go ahead and try these lesser closure mechanisms. If you have the courage to objectively compare drawstrings with anything else, you’ll thank yourself. You’ll thank me, and you’ll shout it from the rooftops. “I love drawstrings!”
6. Bags. Yeah. That’s right. I said bags. Plural. You get more than one. In fact they come in a variety of counts. 34. 55. 120. The possibilities are endless as long as you want one of those three sizes. Oh! And a bag is something you carry other stuff in. In this case garbage.
I can’t recommend these trash bags enough. They support my trash, and I support them. I suggest you do the same.
How do you take out the trash?


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