#82. This Day in Twitter History


I thought I might do a Twitter version of This Day in History. The following are all tweets circa September 13th of 2011, 2010 and 2009. Enjoy!



Since when does it get dark at 7:30? #DaylightFail

And that’s how you tune an energy model! #BOOM #EasyButton

Those drivers probably thought: That’s the fastest I’ve ever seen an over weight invalid run. Good for him! // #Spent #SparkMe

Passed several guys driving those tiny Mercedes SUVs while running this AM. Thought: That’s the most adorable Benz I’ve ever seen. So cute! 



#500th tweet! Only took a year & a half. How will life be different at tweet 1000?

@Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips “would have liked to score more points”/// ya think?!?!?

Great discussion on worship & sovereignty w/ @villagechurchtx #homegroup tonight. Blessed by leading this group of people.

Thankful for @mattchandler74 & the terrifying sovereignty of God. Christ in me- The hope of Glory- Be my everything. #worship #vivification



I’m not sure if Dennis Leary is supposed to be funny or cool, but I hate him.

@pourth hope the float is going well. Btw what’s your new addy in Springfield?

Wife says I’m the “TV remote Nazi”. As long as I’m not watching Kendra or Girls Next Door, that’s fine with me.


I’m a big fan of reflecting on the past. Seeing areas that still need work after months and years is beneficial, and seeing how you’ve grown is incredibly encouraging.

Do you evaluate yourself over time? If yes, how so? Do you use performance metrics?


*2010 tweets included September 12 & 13.

**2009 tweets included September 10, 12 & 14.



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