#81. Early to Bed


I like the quote by Ben Franklin: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” My wife loves it even more. It could easily be considered the mantra of her life these last few years, and I’m quite certain that every night and every morning she prays that it becomes mine as well.
I can definitely see the wisdom in this wise proverb. It makes complete sense theoretically, but how does a night owl with extremely deep seated procrastinatory tendencies begin to alter a life long, and I contend biologically regulated, sleep cycle?
1. Marry a person who believes sleeping in past 7 am is the very definition of sloth and obviously the very worst of the seven deadly sins.
2. Make an effort. All those schmucks that have climbed Everest have got nothing on me. They have no idea the will power and strength I employ to simply roll out of bed prior to hitting the snooze button for the sixth time. You don’t know me. You don’t KNOW me!
3. Physically lay in bed at night even if you can’t sleep. I can’t personally vouch that this one works just yet, but it’s a test theory that sounds good.
4. Live where it’s hot. I recently began training for my fourth half marathon (no big deal). I love running outside, but since the summer sun is still raging here in Texas, early mornings are the only alternative to the life sucking treadmill. (I successfully ran both of my short runs prior to work last week. I was as stunned as anyone.)
5. Just do it. Tomorrow is another opportunity.
6. Don’t be afraid to fail. Last Thursday morning just didn’t happen, but Friday morning did.
7. Get back on the horse.
So to sum up: Don’t worry about climbing a mountain when you can accomplish so much more by having the courage to climb out of bed.
How do you pursue health, wealth and wisdom?


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