#79. Facebook Experiment


For the last two years, I’ve conducted an experiment. So far it has worked quite well, and I will continue to play this game as long as I remember to do so each August.

I’m not sure what it is exactly. It might just be my loathing of insincerity and genuineness, but I hate the obligatory and far too casual “Happy Birthday” messages on Facebook walls, especially my own. It’s just too easy. You wake up in the morning. You see which of your six hundred “friends” have birthdays that day, and you type “Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a good one!” You didn’t think about that person the day before, and you probably won’t think about that person five minutes later or until next year for that matter.

If you haven’t talked, corresponded or interacted in some way with a person in the last year, you might feel guilty about it if you truly consider yourself friends, but shouldn’t you feel even more guilt-ridden if that lame wall post is your only contact every twelve months? I know I would. So to save people the embarrassment and guilt, I simply remove my birthday from my profile the day before each year. I’ve found this saves me from a lot of Facebook wall and news feed clutter and saves all my “friends” the trouble of wiping egg off their own faces.

Was that cynical enough? Did I go too far? Or did I just strike a chord a little to close to home? Did I just mash up two idioms? Yes I did.



3 thoughts on “#79. Facebook Experiment

  1. i remembered it was your bday 3 days before it happened, and said to myself, "self, we need to send g-money a bday text on his bday. i should write it down.." then i remembered Facebook would remind me on the day of it so i didnt do it.. did u get a happy bday text from me?? no.. i felt bad for an hour or 2.. i no longer feel bad at all

  2. Preciate that Walt. Glad you were able to eventually move on a couple hours later. I hope it didn’t put a damper on any of the fun up at N-Dub-C. Good to know our relationship can sustain minor bumps in the road such as this one. Five weeks and four days. I got you.

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